[EXE] The Dealer Game [Update] v3.5.0.0

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[EXE] The Dealer Game [Update] v3.5.0.0

Post by Logic_Bomb on Sat May 30, 2009 9:54 pm

My latest version is the 3.5 version it has completely changed.

Fixed bugs []:

  • Accidently making a new user after getting busted.
  • Bankrupt fixed you will not longer go backrupt/
  • Selling bulk and gaining rep for nothing.
  • Stability issues with the base.
  • Menu stability
  • The counter for time needed until harvest
  • Extra stat on the grow section 'Workers'


  • Uses menus
  • Upgrades added
  • Upgrades on/off added
  • Main menu more button added
  • Upgrade added: 'Bigger Orders'

Fixed bugs []:

  • Vista malfunction issue.
  • Lagging issue resolved (Lag button added)
  • File curruption fixed.

Screen Shots (


  • Bank Pin.
  • More Upgrades including: (Even Bigger Orders, Lower Bust Chance and gain more respect).
  • Fix some minor bugs.
  • Auto lag fixer.
  • Workers
  • Serial Number (For accuall Software)
  • And More in futhur upgrades, Suggest ideas if you like.




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