rFactor Ignition Switch [TUT]

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rFactor Ignition Switch [TUT]

Post by Logic_Bomb on Sun May 31, 2009 2:14 am

In this I will be explaining how to make a ignition for your Rfactor of LFS game to go with the G25 or other racing wheel.
Warning: I take no responsibility of any damge you do to yourself or any-one/thing else during this Tutorial.

What you will need:

  • An old USB keyboard.
  • Some strong tape.
  • Solder.
  • Soldering Gun/Iron.
  • Wire.
  • A key Switch.

All of these are really easy to get off of te net and all of it new should cost no more than £10 (Exc. Soldering Iron/Gun).

Ok so lets get started in making out key ignition.

  1. First take apart the keyboard removing all of the screws and taking out the 3 plastic sheets inside.

  2. plug the plastic sheets (Acrylic PCB's) in using the USB lead.

  3. Find the connector on each PCB that bridge together to type the letter 'i'.

  4. Use the strong tape to stick the bare wire down to the PCB's (As they are acrylic PCB's we cannot solder them or they will melt).

  5. Solder the two wires to the +/- on the key switch.

  6. Plug in the keyboard and test to see if 'i' is typed when you turn the key, if so then you can just go straight onto rFactor or LFS and test out your new ignition (as long as the letter 'i' is mapped to the ignition.)

Not a very detailed Set of instructions but it's not that hard to do, JJust dont cross any of the connectors on the acrylic PCB's or it will not work.

How this works:

Basically everytime you turn the switch it completes the circuit the the keyboard key 'i' would usually complete whiuch then prints the letter 'i', So it basically acts as a key stroke.

Hope this helps if you want to create a LFS/rFactor Ignition


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