[!!!!!] Rules of the Tutorial section. [!!!!!]

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[!!!!!] Rules of the Tutorial section. [!!!!!]

Post by Logic_Bomb on Tue May 12, 2009 8:46 pm


  1. The tutorial section will earn you 5 cash per topic posted, if you misuse this section you will have all of your stats set back to 0.
  2. Please do not post Copy & Paste (C&P) as this does not teach people anything.
  3. Please describe it in language suitible for the target audience.
  4. Please do not request TUT's.
  5. Please do not flame, use constructive critisism.
  6. Please make use of the Rep++ by pressing the +/- on the right hand side of the post. (+ = good TUT (+1 REP.), - = Bad TUT (-1 REP.))
  7. Do not ask for Rep++



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