[W.I.P] The-Underground Activator - PASCAL - SQL

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[W.I.P] The-Underground Activator - PASCAL - SQL

Post by Logic_Bomb on Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:20 pm

Hello all,

It's been a while, but I have been working on a new feature for the underground, it is still not finished but I thought since it has had many of it's features finished - I should post a download link and Screenshots on the forum.

What is it?

The 'Underground Activator' is a piece of software that I have been developing in PASCAL, It will enable all of the registered users of this forum to activate any of the software they download from here, We urge all of the developers on this forum to take part in this and make it a useful tool.

How does it work?

Well, every piece of software that is downloaded from here (Including software that would have been put on the Transaction Center by developers) will be given multiple (Randomly Generated) Serials, Once someone has downloaded a Program/Hack/Tool from here - Upon execution of the program they are given one of the serials and then prompted to enter a 4 Block Activation Code, What they would need to do in order to activate the software is open up the 'Underground Activator' and enter the serial given to them along with their username & Password (for this forum). The activator will then contact our SQL Database server and deduct the points from the User that has activated the software (How many points depends on the developer) and will then give the user the 4 Block activation code & strike the code from the system (To protect against it being used more than once). The SQL Server will then transfer a percentage of the points to The-Underground and the rest of the points to the developer.

So what does this mean?

Since all of the point system will be automated - There will be no need for the transaction center anymore, this means that admins/Mods have more time to develop the forum/Software and spend less time transferring points and locking threads.

What still needs to be done?

So far I have added the Algebra for the key generation and trusted developers will have this information shared with them.
These are the things that need to be done:

  • Add the Username & Pass checking system.
  • Add the SQL query system.
  • Finish setting up the SQL database.
  • Add more functions that YOU think will be helpful.

Any other features you can tell us about?

Well, I have added an admin button, this is for developers, once a correct admin code is entered it will open up a list of developer codes, these will bypass the points systems. (So that developers don't end up paying for their own software.)


Large Image Warning:

I will include a download link soon, But a word of warning, It is still in Alpha stages, It may still be un-stable. It has no communication with the SQL yet so Don't worry about having points deducted. Just play around with the generator (Put different numbers into the 'Serial' box and tell me if you see any bugs Smile.


What are your opinions on the program? Think it's worth it? Reply to the thread and air your opinions.




I have been working on V2.0a & will include a download link later on today (After I have actually gone to sleep) but for now here are some screen shots, The log-on system is near completion (It doesn't accually log-on yet as it has no contact with the SQL, So you can enter any Username & Pass and it will 'Log you on'. The Alpha versions are just what the finished Program will look like.

V2.0a Screen Shots:

For those of you that don't know, you have to click the 'Large Image Warning' for the image to appear, I've put the large image warnings so that I don't make people's computers run like snails.

Large Image Warning:

Hope you like it Smile. Will include a Download link later Smile.


I'm not going to bother with a download to v2.0a since I have already completed v3.5a as soon as I add SQL we will have a v1.0b.


Hope you like the new layout and song Wink


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Re: [W.I.P] The-Underground Activator - PASCAL - SQL

Post by Matsen on Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:10 pm

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