TDSS Root-Kit Removal

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TDSS Root-Kit Removal

Post by Logic_Bomb on Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:02 am

Whilst travelling on my internet journeys I stumbled across a virus.

I didn't notice it at first but about 1hr after I had executed the .exe I was being bombarded with requests to give permission to a 'run.exe' to edit files on my computer. Being cautious (because of the fact I had earlier downloaded an executed and '.exe' that had given a error "OS Not supported") I clicked "No" Every-time I was requested. I traced down the file and it lead to my temp folder to a file named 'Run.exe' with the description 'C20 H25 N3 O' (For those of you that don't know, this is the formula for 'LSD'.), So I deleted the file, thinking it was nothing but a script kiddie messing around with the VxHeavens, It wasn't until 1hr - 2hrs later that my computer started being amazingly slow (Since I'm running on a Quad Core Q6600, 3GB RAM - Machine this was odd) I opened up task manager and trolled through the process list... There was nothing out of the ordinary, the process list showed the CPU reading to be below 10%... I was just about to close task manager when I clicked the 'Performance' tab, My eyes sunk into the back of my sockets when I gazed at the CPU Usage being at a constant 98% - 99%!!!! At this point I knew there was something seriously wrong, so I went to open up chrome and it didn't load anything (And I mean anything).

At this point I was getting a little frustrated, I glanced at my task-bar to see that My AVG (Anti-Virus) Icon had gone! So I quickly did what no geek wants to do, I opened Internet Explorer (USE CHROME! IT'S SO MUCH BETTER!) After a bit of looking, I stumbled across the information I was looking for... The information that should have been blatant from the start; It was a 'TDSS Root-Kit', On the page of information was a friendly 'heads-up' saying that there was a piece of software that would remove any of the TDSS-Root-Kit Family, So I reluctantly (Not wanting to get any more viruses) Downloaded it, Once run it took care of the matter in seconds, I simply rebooted my computer and it was back to normal. The software in question is the best piece of AV engineering I have seen in years! It's called 'TDSSKiller'. I will include a download link below so that anyone on here that experiences the same ordeal that I did (@ 2am in the feckin morning!!!!) will know were to turn.

Just to let you all know, The 'TDSS Root-Kit' uses certain windows '.sys', '.dll' and other extensions as ways to hide it's self from the process list. This is why it can be hard to notice and remove and hence why it is under the 'Root-Kit' family.

Download to the Anti-Virus: TDSSKiller

Sorry to make it a long story Razz But I'm tired; and I fancied being creative after all of that.

Hope this helps anyone in need.


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