Forum Updates [07/07/10]

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Forum Updates [07/07/10]

Post by Logic_Bomb on Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:43 pm

I have spent a while updating the forum, I hope you all like what I have done and I will give a list of what has changed bellow.

Major Updates:

~ Added a ranking system:

  • 0 Posts - 'Newbie'.
  • 10 Posts - 'Script Kiddie'.
  • 25 Posts - 'PC Literate'.
  • 50 Posts - 'Phisher'.
  • 75 Posts - 'R4TT3R'.
  • 110 Posts - 'Vx-N3RD'.
  • 175 Posts - 'GR3Y-H4T'.
  • 210 Posts - 'PC-L33T'.
  • 300 Posts - 'L33T-H4X0R'.
  • £5 - '[UG]-L33T-H4x0R-[UG]'.

~ Added a premium rank ('[UG]-L33T-H4X0R-[UG]'):
This rank can be obtained by purchasing it for £5 here:[LINK TO BE ADDED SOON], All of the money you raised with this option will go towards buying a '.com' domain for the forum and removing ads etc....

~ Added a section for the 'L33T-H4X0R' Rank:
This will be were you can gain the support from higher members of the forum and gain access to UD (Un-Detected) hacks for you games.

~ Removed the VIP Sections:
The VIP sections are no longer needed due to the new rank that has been added.

~ Re-Structured the forum:
I have completely re-structured the forum, I believe this will make it easier for newbies to navigate around the forum and find the topics/sections that they are looking for, I also feel that it gives a much more positive look about the forum. I hope you all enjoy the new layout Surprised.

~ Added Images to the root of the board:
I have added some images to the main boards (on the index) to make it look a bit better, the images are quickly done in photoshop and are only temporary until I make some better ones or until someone else makes some better ones, so if anyone has any better images that they can do themselves feel free to contact me (Good Images will be rewarded.)

~ Removed some of the rewards:
Since most of the rewards will soon be paid for Via the Activator [Link], this will mean there will be absolutely no more messing around with points for the forum staff.

~ Added a 'Brag' forum:
This is were you can brag about all of the things you have achieved during your time in the VxHeavens.

~ Added a Requests forum:
This will be were you can request a Hack/Tool/App to be made. (You will need to be 'Script Kiddie' Rank to view this forum, This will prevent newbies from registering and then just spamming the forum with requests.)

~ Changed the permissions for a lot of the forums to coincide with the above updates.

Small Updates:

~ Changed avatars.
~ Changed some of the forum security.
~ Edited FAQ & Rules.
~ Edited the Staff Rules.
~ Changed the chatbox rules.
~ Edited CSS style sheet.


Hope everyone likes the new updates Surprised


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